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Research Update presentation at Aalto Media Factory

Event: Aalto University Media Factory Researcher’s Forum
Place: University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland
Date: 12/11/2009


In 12/11/2009, I made a presentation of the current state of my research at Aalto University Media Factory Researcher’s Forum seminar, “Public Space Contested. New Media Technologies, Art and Society”:

Master and Margarita presentation at Tusovka 2009, Korjaamo, Helsinki 03/2009

On 7/March/2009, I gave a talk on Video Jack’s “Master and Margarita“at Tusovka’s annual event, in Korjamo, meeting. I also presented a preview of the project, which would premiere a few weeks later at PixelAche Festival, Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki. Tusovka is an association promoting Russian culture in Finland:



Presentation at St. Petersburg University of Film and Television, Russia 11/2008

On 17/11/2008, me and André Carrilho presented our work as Video Jack at the St. Petersburg University of Film and TV, Russia. At the time, we were performing in St. Petersburg at the Electro Mechanica festival, and I was invited to do an artist presentation at the university. Our presentation focused particularly on the Master and Margarita project, being developed at the time.



Presentation at Encontros de Arte e Design, Coimbra 06/2008

In 5/6/2008, I participated at the Encontros de Arte e Design (Art and Design Encounters), Coimbra Portugal. Specifically, I presented under the panel on “Creativity, multidisciplinarity and internationalization”. I presented my work as Video Jack so far, with emphasis on the recently released (at the time) AVOL. The event was organized by Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra.



Jury for the VJ Competition, 18th Bochum Festival, Germany

Event: Participation as Jury of the 18th Bochum Videofestival
Place: Ruhr Universitat, Bochum, Germany
Dates: 29-31/5/2008

1. Introduction

After participating in the VJ competition in the previous edition of the festival, I was invited this year to be part of the VJ competition jury.


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Heat Seeker presentation at Demo Day, Media Lab Helsinki 05/2007

On 16/5/2007, I made my first presentation at a Media Lab Helsinki Demo Day. The topic of my presentation was the recently released project Heat Seeker, and the tour of the project.

After that presentation, I have been presenting my next projects at Media Lab Demo Days, in 5/2009, 5/2010 and 12/2010. In the next presentations, I didn’t prepare specific presentation materials, focusing instead in the web versions of the projects.




Presentation at PixelAche 2007, Kiasma, Helsinki 03/2007

On 31 March 2007, me and André Carrilho presented the software we have been developing as Video Jack at the “Generative Art and VJ Software” seminar, part of the PixelAche 2007 festival (Kiasma, Helsinki). Other participants included Marius Watz and Animata software developers.
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