2019/05/10 Moving Digits Talks @ M-ITI, University of Madeira

In the scope of the Moving Digits technical week 6-10 May 2019, on 8/5/2019 we presented 3 talks at M-ITI Classroom in the scope of the Moving Digits project:

  • Stephan Jürgens  – Which corporeal dimensions can be computed in contemporary dance? Novel strategies for the visualisation of choreographic thinking in the past decade 
  • Jochen Feitsch – Motion Capturing Creative Area (MOCCA-Project)
  • William Primett  – Coupling Biomedical Sensors with Choreographic Language

Also in the scope of the Moving Digits technical week, on 10/5/2019 Nuno Correia presented the Moving Digits project to Sports Science undergraduate and graduate students of University of Madeira, and respective teaching staff. There was interest in applying technologies adopted and developed by the Moving Digits project, for dance, to the field of sports. Our thanks to the Sports Science department at University of Madeira, in particular Prof. Élvio Rúbio Gouveia and Prof. Ana Luísa Correia.


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