Varm & Correia

The duo Varm & Correia have released their debut ambient music EP, Live at Purekkari Cape. It was recorded in the Estonian forest, close to the Baltic seaside, during the Biotoopia festival, August 2022. It’s the first music collaboration between Taavi Varm and Nuno Correia. The songs were inspired by the invitation to play at the Biotoopia festival. The starting point for the songs were field recordings collected by Taavi and Nuno in their travels. The names of the tracks (Noarootsi 2017, Lisbon 2021, etc) reflect the place and time of the field recordings, which were the initial seed for the respective compositions.

“Why should artificially generated sounds, created with the help of human technology, be in conflict with nature? According to Varm and Correia, they shouldn’t – they can coexist in harmony. Not synthesis, but symbiosis.” 

SIRP review of Varm & Correia performance at Biotoopia 2022, by Valdek Laur