Bio Elektron

Tallinn University HCI Group and Elektron have been co-hosting the 3-month STARTS.EE art+science residency “Bio-Elektron” since November. STARTS.EE residencies are a form of collaboration where artists and researchers work together, led by curiosity and inspired by the exchanges that transcend their domains’ boundaries. The theme of the “Bio-Elektron” residency was visualization and sonification of biosignals in a performative context.

As part of the STARTS.EE residency, on the 6th of February 2022,Inês Nêves (dancer and artist) and Jaime Lobato (creative technologist) presented at Elektron (Tallinn) two performances driven by electrocardiography and electromyography. Through electronic interfaces, the audience was able to witness the inner biology of the performers from a poetic point of view. There was also an installation, where audience members could perceive through electrical signals the biosignal data captured from the dancer. The event was followed by a Q&A session with the artists, moderated by Nuno N. Correia.

The event was well attended, by more than 30 audience members. From the side of Tallinn University, the organizing team was composed of Nuno N. Correia (supervisor), Debora Conceição Firmino de Souza (research assistant) and Iuliia Paramonova.

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