Interactive Audiovisual Objects and Audiovisual User Interfaces

Nuno Correia

1st EstCHI meetup
Garage48, Tallinn


0. Personal introduction
music, art, design
research, teaching, management

1. Introduction - multimodality
ex, arts: Dots (Norman McLaren)
ex, cognition: McGurk effect (BBC, via M. Grierson)

2. Video Jack – origin with figurative projects, VJing
ex: Master and Margarita
ex: NAME Festival, Lille

3. Video Jack – abstract and modular / IAVO projects
ex: AVOL (first IAVO project)
ex: AV Clash (opening up sound)

4. Doctoral dissertation on Video Jack projects
Media Lab Helsinki @ Aalto University
Book, free PDF

Project (opening up code and visual side; repository of visuals; education-oriented)

6. What next?
Enabling Audiovisual User Interfaces
Related links: EAVI @ Goldsmiths, University of London; NIME 2014 @ EAVI; games research @ EAVI